Your skin is unique and deserves to be treated with unique products. Do our online measurement test and get personalised cosmetics for optimal results.

Natural ingredients

Composing creams can be compared with cooking. Choosing the best ingredients over adequate ingredients is where IKARI finds it’s precision and success.


Tips & Advice

IKARI services include advice on skin problems, proper instructions of use for creams and various diet & lifestyle tips.


Stem cell technology

The RENEW range contains stem cells so that the cells located in the lower layers of the skin are given a fresh boost.


Each skin is unique and deserves customized cosmetics

Have your skin tested by an expert in one of our scan centers.

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You will find an easy overview of our products in our catalogue. You can download the pdf here.

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Ikari creates cosmetics that are customised for your specific type of skin. The combination of special ingredients and customised directions for use are your guarantee of optimal results.

Pure 1

Soft cleansing lotion

200 ml

24.9 €

Cure 2

Brightening & resurfacing

30 ml

59.75 €

Renew 1

Ultra light emulsion

50 ml

57.5 €

Renew 2

Light cream for face/neck

50 ml

57.5 €